iRescue® Costa Rica Wildlife Foundation

We offer non-profit Rescue, Rehab, Release and Retirement services to the native wildlife of Costa Rica.

The Problem

Costa Rica’s new law forbids the capture and confinement of wild animals. With your help we can end the pet wildlife trade in Costa Rica.

Help Us End the Illegal Pet Wildlife Trade


The Costa Rica government brings us injured, abandoned or confiscated wildlife.



Animals are accessed for their health condition and the appropriate treatments are applied.


Animals that are deemed healthy upon complete recovery are released.


Animals that are domesticated or injured beyond release will retire comfortably at iRescue®.

Costa Rica’s new law forbids the capture and confinement of wild animals.

Now let’s help the government do something about it. Together we can move towards ending the illegal pet wildlife trade in Costa Rica. Support our efforts to provide the proper care and retirement for those confiscated by the government and brought to our reserve for rescue, rehab, release or retirement. Join us in giving neglected wildlife a second chance at life.

Founder - John Merritt

iRescue® was founded in 2005 by John Merritt as a result of his desire to create different systems both technological and hands on to save imperiled wildlife in todays harsh environments.

iRescue® Costa Rica Wildlife

In 2012, iRescue® started a Costa Rica division and opened a 500 acre protected wildlife reserve in the southern zone of the country. The goal: to provide non-profit rescue, rehabilitation, release and retirement services for the native wildlife of Costa Rica. Learn more about our unique solutions.

Wildlife Confinement Now Illegal

iRescue®’s partnership with the Costa Rican government began in 2012 with the passing of a new law that bans the hunting and confinement of native Costa Rica wildlife. The new law sets large fines for those in possession of native wildlife species. Learn how our facility supports the Costa Rica’s new law.

The Problem

The trafficking and possession of wildlife is a serious problem in Costa Rica. According to WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) this clandestine business ranks third in the world after drugs and arms trade. Learn more about The Problem. 

Our Solution

Our solution is provide the best environment possible for the rescued wildlife confiscated by the government, most of which have lived dismal lives in small cages. Our second-to-none enclosures are designed to replicate the natural environment with space to roam. Learn about our unique solutions.

The Future

The future is based on our ability to expand to meet the growing need of animal rescue, rehab, release and retirement services in Costa Rica as a result of the government confiscating more animals due to the enforcement of the new law. Please support our cause and help us provide a future for these distressed animals.

Lazy J Reserve Acreage

Current Number of Animals

iRescue® Founded

Launched in Costa Rica


Harpo has been at the rescue center for over a year and is a real sweetheart. She freely roams and loves to hang out with the men at the farm just like an old hound dog. However when a woman comes around she can get aggressive! We find it amazing she instinctively has the ability to tell the different sexes apart.



Linda is a sweet little Costa Rica mountain bird who has been at the Lazy J Reserve for over 1 year. She is a resident guest and roams freely on the reserve hanging out with other birds of her species along with all the guests. She is very sweet, social and loves papaya.

Costa Rica Mountain Bird


Cone is a special rabbit. We rescued from him from some locals only when a tree fell on his tiny little house and they didn’t want to build another house from him. Cone lives in our most active 40′ geodesic dome that contains almost 20 birds. This shelter is also our baby deer nursery. Cone provides emotional support for all the baby deer that we raise in the bird dome. His life is great, he is super happy and we appreciate his service.


Let’s make Costa Rica’s new wildlife law a huge environmental success and an example for other countries to follow.

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